Winter & End of Year Thanks FAQs

Exploris Thanks – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should I give?
A: That’s a very personal decision.  Our recommendation is to figure out how much you would have spent on all the staff you would have given gifts to and add it together.  They will all be getting a portion of this money so it will cover everyone.

Q: Why is my money not just going to my child’s lead teacher?
A: At Exploris, your child is not just taught by their lead teacher.  They spend instruction time with the entire grade level crew, specialists, and sometimes teachers from other grade levels. Since it is a team teaching environment, the purpose of this to enable you to send in one check and not have to buy separate gifts for all the people who teach your child.

Q: Who does this money go to?
A: 90% of the money goes to the teachers.  The rest gets divided amongst all the other staff (admin, specials, etc…) who help to make this a great environment for your child.

Q: How does the teacher know that I gave to the gift?
A: Donations are anonymous so we do not let the teachers who do did/did not donate.  If you would like to let your teacher know, feel free to send in a nice handmade card that tells them you hope they enjoy their “Thanks” check.

Q: Does the teacher prefer a personalized gift?
A: Teacher’s love any and all expressions of kindness.  This check at Winter and again at the End of Year is so nice for them because it’s large enough for them to buy something special, pay off some bills, do whatever they want with it.

Q: Should I just buy a nice present for my child’s lead teacher?
A: Don’t forget that your child has lots of teachers at Exploris.  We want to make sure that everyone gets thanked for all of their work.

Additionally, teachers are ethically bound by the NC State Board of Education Code of Ethics to not accept items from students or parents other than “token” gifts for appreciation. The Winter and End of Year Thanks collections, managed by the PTO, is a way for the teachers to get a meaningful check to be used at their discretion over Winter Break or in the summer to get something nice while maintaining their ethical obligations.