Exploris is working to create a culture of philanthropy within our community. We believe that our families are more interested in supporting the mission and values of our school than in hosting bake sales, wrapping paper sales and fun runs.

As a public charter school, Exploris receives approximately $6,900 per student, from the state and local school board. This covers teacher and staff salaries, supplies, and technology, but does not cover buildings and facilities. Exploris conducts an Annual Fund Campaign in the fall to raise funds to cover these expenses.

We also participate in a number of passive fundraisers. These are designed to support the PTO by taking advantage of your regular shopping habits. Take a look below to see how you can and your family can help support Exploris!


  • Exploris Annual Fund – The only fundraiser at Exploris!

    • The Exploris Board of Directors hosts one annual fundraiser each fall with a goal of 100% participation by family, faculty, and board members.
    • This is the only time you be asked to donate money to the school.  The PTO budget is funded from this donation as well so please donate all you can!
    • Includes corporate matching gifts and SAS DonorsChoose programs.
    • There is nothing to sell and all donations are tax deductible. 
    • Goal: $100,000.


  • Passive Fundraising (All year)
    • Link your Grocery cards
    • Collect Box Tops for Education
    • Link your Target Red Card
    • Shop Amazon Smile
    • Etc…
    • See the Passive Fundraising Checklist  
    • Goal: $5,000
  •  8th Grade Outward Bound Trip – to help students defray the costs of their week-long trip

All proceeds from each fundraiser are directly credited to the student. Neither the school nor the PTO keeps any of these funds. Participation is optional. Fundraisers change slightly year-to-year and may include:

        • Raleigh Christmas Parade Coffee & Donut Sale
        • Pansy Sale
        • GoPlaySave Coupon Book
        • Free Trade Catalog Sale
        • Bake Sale


Will I really not be asked to donate more money than The Annual Fund?

No!  Exploris does not believe in asking families for  money everytime you turn around.

Doesn’t the PTO need money?  Will there be auctions or something for them?

Yes, the PTO needs money.  Our budget is approved every year by the parents in the spring.  Then we submit our budget to the board and it is funded by the Annual Fund.  Please donate all you can to the Annual Fund!


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