2018-2019 Carpool Form

Please fill out this Carpool Form to get added to the Exploris Carpool Map.

Carpool Form 2018-2019




  1. We have two families living in the North Hills/Crabtree Valley Mall area interested in adding a third family for carpool to rotate every third week (morning and afternoon). Also participating in afterschool 3 days per week (Tu, Wed, Thurs). Please contact me if interested or with questions. Thanks! Chip Law 919-437-3847 or chiplaw3@gmail.com

  2. We have 3 families in our carpool. We are looking to add one more child and a driver who can do afternoons. Two of our moms share the mornings and I am doing the afternoons. Two of us are off West Lake Road by Middle Creek Park. One family is off Johnson Pond Road. If you are interested, please contact me at 919-773-9684 or Maryann.schaffer@gmail.com. Thanks, Maryann

  3. We live 2 miles from school near Faircloth and Hillsborough and have 2 children (8th and 6th grade). We have space for 2-4 children for morning carpool and are happy to drive every day. We do need help in the afternoons occasionally and would appreciate developing a network of families with flexible schedules who can drive to cross country or home several afternoons a week. If interested, please contact Paula Bickley at 919-805-1133 or pbickley@biologicsinc.com.

  4. We live off of rand road in garner and have 2 kids going to elementary and one going to middle. Would love to carpool both directions. I can fit 2 more kids in my car. Tracy

    • Hey Tracy. I live off Cleveland School Rd right off hwy 50 in Garner. I have one child going to elementary at Exploris. I would love to carpool.

    • Hello Tracey and Sarah, we are across from White Deer Park near Lowe’s foods on Timber. One child in 6th grade. Would love to discuss carpool opportunities. My contact number is 919 889 3803.

    • Hi Tracy we need to getting in touch since my husband and I are having some work schedule issues with the afternoon, I have one child at Rand road and you can drop off my daughter Sophia there. Please call me 919-914-4115

  5. Apex/Cary/Hwy 64 area. Myself (8th grader) and another family (7th grader) would love to find another family or two for carpool. Would be willing to consider a central location in lieu of door to door transportation. Please contact Katie, kd42nato@gmail.com. Thanks!

  6. We live in the Wellington Park Subdivision in Cary, near Crossroads. Looking to add more families to current two family carpool.

  7. Hi families, I wanted to pass along info that Mae emailed to me today about Before School Care . Before school care will be available at 7:30 am at Exploris Elem. That is a change from the 7am start that was communicated with original plans. Apparently the change in the school start time changes the before-school care time. That puts a big wrench in things for us, but we will try to make it work. We live off Auburn-Knightdale Road near Knightdale and Garner and would be happy to talk with nearby families! Mae did say that they might try to make the time 7:15 if there is teacher availability and enough interest from families in an earlier time.

  8. Hi everyone! I have two children going to elementary (2nd and 4th) and one in middle school (7th) and would love to coordinate a carpool. I can do the afternoons and would have room for three kids in my car in the afternoon but would really need help getting kids to school in the morning; the change in elementary times hurt our “plans”. We live in Eagle Ridge subdivision in Garner, off Old Stage Road and near Ten Ten/401 interchange. Email me if interested – brianamy@bellsouth.net. Thanks!

  9. We live in Garner near Lake Benson Park. I will have three in elementary (two in 4th, one in 1st). I work near Wake Med while the kids are in school so I will be doing drop iff and pick up anyway but have room for two more if needed (possibly 3 if one of mine rides in front but I need to check the laws on that). Kwilliamsslp@gmail.com

  10. We live off Ebenezer Church near Duraleigh / Ebenezer Church intersection.
    3rd grader
    Interested in carpooling for pickup in afternoons…


  11. Looking for carpool riders! We have a middle school carpool and live in Lakemont. If you live in Lakemont or Quail Hollow or otherwise nearby, please contact me about carpooling. (We may have both elementary and middle schoolers in the carpool. We are looking into the logistics of doing both.) Please email me or text or call at (919) 270-0506.

  12. Cary – Scottish Hills area. Would love to swap mornings for afternoons, or share mornings. I have a 3rd grader that will be at Exploris, and a 5th grader in a downtown elementary magnet school that gets out at 3:45pm. I am already in the habit of picking up from that school every afternoon, so it will be easy for me to grab an extra 1 – 2 (or 3, if they like each other ; – 0 ) children from Exploris, if you don’t mind me making a stop at Washington on the way back to Cary. I am currently putting that child on a bus in the mornings, and would love someone to take my Exploris child to school in the mornings. I am also willing to share the morning commute (every other week?) if that works better!

  13. We have 1 Elementary kid and 1 Middle school kid. Looking for sharing with someone in the North East/ Wake Forest.

  14. I have one son attending Exploris Middle and live a few minutes north of Crabtree Mall at the intersection of Creedmoor and Millbrook. We would love to find a carpool for the morning and possibly afternoon as well. My son will be staying late for cross country on Tu/Th. Please email me at karanc75@gmail.com.

  15. We are looking for someone that my 6th grade can carpool with to Garner, White Oak Shopping center, Wake Tech Main Campus, Willow Springs.

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