Getting Too Many Emails from the Exploris Blog?

Good news! You have complete control over how often you receive emails from the Exploris Blog. You can change your email delivery frequency whenever you like.

Here’s how:

1.  Open an email from the Exploris Blog.

2.  Scroll to the very bottom where you will see something like this:

Manage Blog Subscription

3. Click the Manage Subscriptions link, which is highlighted in yellow in the above image.

4. You will be taken to a Subscription Management page on WordPress where you can change your delivery frequency, which is circled in red below. Your options are Immediate, Daily, and Weekly, which are fairly self-explanatory. Select Daily or Weekly and you will begin receiving one email containing however many posts that have been made during the interval you’ve selected. NOTE: Be sure to click the Save Changes button, indicated by the blue arrow below.

Change Delivery Frequency





  1. Thanskf or the suggestion. Can you please also let me know how to filter out emails for the 6th grade or elementary school? My child is in 7th grade so I prefer not to receive anything that only pertains to 6th grade or elementary. All school notifications are fine of course.


    Tammy Boat
    Mobile: 919.961.0002

    • In order to stop getting notifications from the 6th grade blog, you need to unsubscribe from it. In the same area where you saw “Manage Subscriptions”, there is an “Unsubscribe” link. Click it, follow instructions, and you’re done.

      There isn’t a way to filter elementary school posts. Sorry! If you set your subscription to deliver once a day or week, you can quickly scan through posts that you aren’t interested in.

      Don’t worry, after school settles in, the number of posts per week will drop.

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